is dedicated to helping you maintain your fine art collection for generations of your family to have and enjoy. With that in mind we offer the following information.


Investing in a piece of artwork, whether for pure visceral pleasure or future financial gain, requires a little thought and care. Below are a few tips to ensure lasting quality.


NEVER: Store unmatted prints directly on top of each other.
BETTER: Separate them with acid-free tissue or paper.
BEST: Keep in individual folios with acid-free paper on either side, or mat & use acid-free tissue only on top.
NEVER: Use non-archival matting materials when framing.
BETTER: Use quality acid-free or neutral PH matting. Other materials leach acids into the paper of your print, leaving a visible stain called acid burn.


NEVER: Store or leave artwork flat on the floor.
BETTER: Elevate them to allow air to circulate around them.
BEST: Store on wooden shelves or in archival boxes. Store original art and giclees standing.
NEVER: Touch art with dirty hands.
NEVER: Touch or drag anything across the image area. A finger print or scratch on the surface will forever leave a mark on your paper print.
NEVER: Hang or store artwork in areas of high humidity.
ALWAYS: Maintain proper humidity level in the room (50%) to prevent mold.
NEVER: Hang artwork where the outside wall is wet, always check outer wall, as moisture will seep through.
NEVER: Hang above a radiator, heat register or fireplace. Always hang away from heat.
ALWAYS: Make sure rooms are dry & properly ventilated. Never hang or store in a damp basement or cellar.
NEVER: Place your art in direct sunlight or hang opposite a window!
NEVER: Hang prints in reflecting sunlight, under a fluorescent light, or even in a room with fluorescent lights.
BETTER: Cover fluorescent lights with a protective, economical, cylindrical sleeve, as the ultra-violet rays in reflecting or fluorescent lights are harmful to inks and paper.
BEST: Ultraviolet Plexiglass for paper prints for maximum filtering of ultra-violet rays, to provide longest print life expectancy.


Your original painting or canvas giclee has been protected by a thin layer of artist’s varnish.

Neither require being framed under glass.

Glass is not recommended.

When cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth or feather duster, gently wiping the surface.

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